Physical Rehabilitation

Frisco TX Fusion Chiropractic physical rehabGetting injured stinks! Having constant headaches are horrible. Not being able to play with your children or give them baths due to back pain is unacceptable. Waking up after a short night's sleep (real world) shouldn't be greeted with pain and discomfort that last throughout the day.

At Fusion Chiropractic, you will receive chiropractic adjustments and active/passive rehabilitative therapy depending on your condition that will help your soft tissue (muscles) and joints recover from the injury.  Fusion's focus is for you to move better and move more, so we do everything we can to make that happen.   We have a functional trainer with multiple weight exercises that we go through for the gym people, and a full physical therapy bay with active rehabilitation for the PT people.  Additionally we have decompression, e-stim, dry hydrotherapy, intersegmental traction, and flexion distraction tables which enables us to treat any injury (sprain, strain, herniation, spasm, facet syndrome, degeneration, etc)  Here at Fusion, we will give and instruct certain exercises and stretches (there are only a few that Dr. Fugere likes) that will make you stronger and heal faster for your exact condition.  We take your injury and discomfort seriously and will cater your care according to your particular condition.  We want you to see us because you want to see us, not because you have to.  Our goal is to get you better fast, so come on in and get better now.